Digital Clinical Trials


Primary Actors

  • Pharma Company
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Doctors
  • Individual Participants (ranging from a few to few thousands)

Major issues

  • Maintaining a paper trail for all the activities happening during the course of trial.
  • Proving the efficacy of drug on different types of population across the world
  • Patient recruitment and retention remains one of the top factors influencing the overall cost to conduct the trial
  • Getting the hospitals to come onboard and retain them for the duration of trial
  • Data security to avoid misuse

Opportunity for Digital Technologies

  • Mining data in new ways to better select the patients populations to be
    enrolled in the trials using various AI-ML techniques available
  • Using wearable and latest IoT techniques to capture patient data with an option for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for monitoring vitals
  • Use Blockchain for data protection and privacy
  • Blockchain could be used to monitor compliance, on part of all actors
  • Using AI-ML to predict which patients are likely to drop out early and who are more reliable
  • Incentivizing the participants using a Blockchain based token
  • Using IoT to monitor patients and advise patients to take the dosage of medicine. Various innovations happening in this area.
  • Using Blockchain to integrate the disjoint applications used across different hospitals and other participant organizations





Blockchain Architect at Sopra Steria

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Harish Gupta

Harish Gupta

Blockchain Architect at Sopra Steria

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